Market mix modelling for a UK insurer

Ongoing collaboration for marketing effectiveness

We have been working with Legal & General on an ongoing basis. They air advertising at key seasonal periods in January and September, and we regularly evaluate its effectiveness.

Over time, our client has up-weighted successful communications and pulled back from activity that isn’t working as well, due to the insights from our market mix modelling.

As a result they’ve seen their cost of acquiring new customers fall over time.

Direct mail and GDPR

As with many financial services businesses, this client carries out a lot of direct marketing, including direct mail and email.

New regulation came into effect in May 2018 to protect people’s right to privacy on their personal data, and this made direct marketing much more difficult.

Our models helped this client to understand how best to react to this change by re-optimising their market mix, investing some of the direct mail budget into other types of communication.


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