Marketing analytics for a credit card client

Analytics to support decisions

When we first met this credit card company, they had an ambition to build a culture of data-driven media effectiveness, but didn’t have the tools.

They wanted to understand how best to co-ordinate their brand building and direct response media, which media channels (TV, radio, digital) were working best for them, how often they should be on air and how much they should be spending.

Additionally they needed support on big strategic issues like how much to rely on credit card comparison sites and how best to achieve profitable revenue growth.


Along with Annalect OMD London, we designed and delivered a bespoke analytics programme, including both market mix modelling and digital attribution.

A range of senior marketing and research executives told us how happy they were with the work, describing it as “very informative”, “very beneficial”, and even “fantastic”.

Putting it into practice

Over the months following the first debrief, this client has implemented our recommendations through an evolving, analytics led, media plan.

A second iteration, carried out 6 months later, confirmed that this had brought a significant improvement in credit card applications and stronger returns to their media spending.

They now have a continuing quarterly process of implementing, then evaluating, then re-designing communications.


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