Marketing analytics for a beer brand

Engaging the new generation

Beer brands, like mobile telephony providers, banks, and soft drinks routinely use sponsorship to build relationships with younger audiences. The idea is to piggy back on young people’s love of music or sport to build relationships and brand loyalty, and in the end to encourage use of the product over the very long term.

This particular project was to evaluate the effect of a long-standing sponsorship of the T in the Park festival. The client had many years of history with which to evaluate, and felt sure that the past was indeed a good guide to what would happen next. This meant that marketing analytics – both econometrics and analysis of survey data – provided a good way to assess whether or not to continue with the sponsorship.

The client said

“The work that you undertook for us was exceptional – both in terms of the insight around what is a complex business / industry and also how quickly you managed to turn it around.

I’m delighted to say that my key objective has been met.

From where we were this time last year it’s a massive step forward and this is singularly down to the work that you and colleagues did on the evaluation.” Client’s Head of Sponsorship and PR

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