Market mix modelling for an online retailer

Things that cookies can’t track

This client has a very sophisticated capability to carry out online marketing and track which aspects of it are clicked on and what people do next.

They contacted us to help with understanding the effect of “untrackable” marketing. This included a significant TV and poster campaign in one of their emerging markets, a big investment into being talked about in press articles, and a push on campus to sign up student customers.

Building an in house capability

Along with Holmes and Cook, we designed a project to support this client in building their own in-house market mix modelling capability.

This included two phases. In the first phase we used our extensive experience and skills to build the models that the client needed.

Then, in the second phase, we gently handed the models over to the client’s in-house data science team, including supporting their hiring process.

A huge success

The project was able to successfully establish the effectiveness of offline marketing, so that it can be readily compared to more trackable, online, initiatives.

Gemma Phillips, Marketing Analytics Manager said: “The project has been a huge success and the findings have been used extensively through the business”.

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