Market mix modelling for a website provider

A changing category

The business of providing websites has been changing.

People used to get a domain name, then separately set up a site, then later add in e-commerce functionality. Now they increasingly get everything from one provider, in one go.

We used search data to identify the size of the demand pools for these different ways of purchasing, and then designed market mix modelling to deliver insight on best to sell each type of service.

An opportunity during covid-19

During lockdowns in 2020, many people, stuck indoors, built websites.

This presented an opportunity to this client, and they increased online advertising to take advantage of it. The challenge though was how much of the resulting sales was due to the pandemic itself, and how much the advertising.

Our market mix models were able to separate out the different strands and give a clear read on marketing effectiveness.

Thorough and well curated

Andrew Gradon, Marketing Director said:

” Thank you for the econometric model output.

It was a thorough and well curated framework that has provoked a series of potential opportunities for us to consider.”

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