Market mix modelling for a drinks brand

First foray into TV during a pandemic

This client contacted us to evaluate its first few bursts of TV advertising. It can be a worrying time, TV is a large investment. It’s about scaling up without screwing up.

It was important to use market mix modelling in this case because the advertising aired during covid-19 lockdowns in spring and summer 2020.

Lockdowns changed everyone’s behaviour, and a great many of us had a few more gin and tonics than usual. This advertiser need to untangle the effect of the ads from the effect of the pandemic.

Using promotions wisely

But our work wasn’t limited to understanding the role of advertising.

Market mix modelling is also very useful for answering questions about promotions. We answered the client’s questions and helped re-design the promotions plan.

  • Are our promotions too deep? too often?
  • Should promos be different for different flavours?
  • Should we respond to competitor’s aggressive promotions?
  • What’s the role of our in-store activity, like gin events?

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