Econometrics for a healthcare provider

An important opportunity

NHS service standards have been deteriorating rapidly, with over a quarter of people waiting more than 18 weeks for their operation. This has expanded the market for self-pay private healthcare.

The brief for this project, carried out with Mediacom, was to understand how to make the most of this opportunity.

We used econometrics to model self-pay sales to identify which of the client’s wide range of marketing activity – at local and national level – was most effective.

What if scenarios

We embedded the results from the econometrics into a scenario planner which enabled the client to view revenue forecasts under different “what ifs?”

Along with Mediacom’s planners, they were able to play with the media plan and settle on one which maximised their revenue over the coming year.

Happy client

The client was very happy with the results, and immediately keen to put them to good use, with the research findings being used right up to executive level.

Commenting on the project, the client said he was “so happy with the results… I can’t ask for more”.

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