Ranking brands by their momentum

The dynamo brand ranking

Together with The Effectiveness Partnership we created a ranking which assesses readiness for success in today’s fast-changing and unstable marketing environment.

Using Dentsu’s vast experience with brands around the world, along with the findings from a 22,000 strong survey we ranked and classified a huge array of brands across 10 countries.

A fund investing in the brands that we identified as most fit for success – the dynamo brands – would have grown 21% in the first 6 months of 2019, outperforming the S&P 500 by 12%.

Energy and direction

The insight at the heart of the ranking is that being well-known and trusted is no longer enough for brands.

Instead, brands must have energy, in that they must be doing new things and communicating new things.

But they also must have direction, the new things they are doing must make sense and be useful to consumers.

The work shows that brands which have neither energy nor direction languish, but brands with both grow significantly quicker.

A new business tool for Dentsu

The ranking is now in use as a tool for Dentsu to generate new business and to inform existing clients’ strategies.

It was launched at Cannes Lions 2019 and was well-received, and has since received some attention in the press. Dentsu are so pleased with the work that they have opted to update it annually.

For more info, check out Dentsu’s dedicated website.

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