Analytics for 2018 IPA award entries

IPA awards

The IPA awards are the most rigorous and prestigious advertising effectiveness awards scheme globally.

To win, advertisers and their agencies must demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that their particular campaign had a strong return on investment, bringing more in profit than it cost to produce and air.

Entries rely heavily on quantitative research and econometrics but they need to be clear for a panel of judges that typically don’t have a technical background.

Technically correct, explained well

Along with The Effectiveness Partnership, we support agencies in entering these awards. We act as a bridge between the advertiser’s econometrics and research suppliers and the agency writing the submission.

This involves drafting the parts of the submission that rely heavily on econometrics and other evidence, ensuring that the explanation is accurate and easy to understand.

We also work with econometrics suppliers to write an appendix which includes all the details needed by technical judges.

Two winners in 2018

In 2018 we supported the submission for a global healthcare brand which won a bronze award and a UK supermarket which won a gold award.

On the healthcare submission, the advertisers’ global marketing director said “Our results have added to company learning about multi-market brand building and helped inform the way GSK consumer healthcare approach marketing globally.”

For the supermarket, the marketing director concerned said “The case history shows the potential rewards that can be achieved when you commit to consistent and heavyweight advertising investment. We had the confidence in our ability to challenge the conventions of the grocery.”

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