In-House Marketing Analytics

It is now unusual for big advertisers to be without statisticians or analysts of their own, and many are building in-house capabilities to undertake marketing analytics.

We regularly work with clients that are embarking on this journey, helping to get the first round of modelling right, advising on how best to treat data, and providing the benchmarks and context that the best consultants bring.

Mentoring and training

We believe that we have a unique capability to mentor clients’ analytical staff. We deliver training days, workshops, and on the job learning, and we are experienced in enabling staff at all levels to expand their market mix modelling skills or to transfer expertise in data science to practical econometrics.

We are very proud to say that people we’ve trained speak highly of us and often report that they improved their skills substantially in a short period of time.

Software neutral

Many other providers offering support for in-housing lead with a software offering. We believe having the right software helps, but that it isn’t the most important thing. Far more important is building people’s ability to understand businesses and translate that into sensible models that genuinely reflect the real world.

For that reason, we are software neutral, working with whichever package our clients prefer.

Please read more about our market mix modelling and digital attribution. Alternatively, get in touch via our contact page.

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