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At Gracious Economics, we offer marketing analytics that help businesses develop successful marketing strategies and make informed decisions on how best to implement them. We also support organisations who want to build an in-house capability for marketing analytics.

For every client, we design a specially tailored modelling approach, typically using market mix modelling, and combining it with digital attribution where appropriate.

We put an emphasis on providing research that’s easy to understand, trust, and use. This enables our clients to continually improve the effectiveness of their marketing through smarter, faster and better business decisions.

How do we ensure our findings are useable?

We believe that models that genuinely reflect the outside world are easier for everyone – including non-technicians – to understand. As well as technical excellence, we strive for simplicity and models that pass the common-sense test. We want our clients to be able to understand what the models are doing and believe in their findings.

The first step is building in what is already known. We delve into our clients’ existing research, carry out mystery shopping trips, and trawl news and market insight reports to ensure a strong understanding of their business and sector.

Equally important is talking to the people involved and those who will use the findings. We involve the right people early, baking what they already know into models, learning to speak their language, collecting their burning questions and the hunches they want to test.

But our biggest strength is our ability to explain it all. What our clients most often say about us is that we can explain complex techniques, circumstances, and recommendations in a simple way. It is what we are most proud of.

Demonstrated quality

We regularly submit marketing analytics results for IPA Effectiveness Awards submissions. Without exception, when assessed by panels of well-respected technical judges, these have been found to be reliable. So far, we have contributed quantitative work to 10 winners.

We hold every single model that we build for clients to the same high standards that the IPA technical judges require. That means that our models pass an extensive list of statistical tests. Equally important, is that our models have a genuine ability to predict the future, so that when clients use them to make decisions, they get the consumer response they were expecting.

Please read more about our market mix modelling and digital attribution or our service supporting in-house marketing analytics. Alternatively, get in touch via our contact page.

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