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It depends. Budget setting in the covid recession

It’s an uncomfortable truth that the right answer to big questions in marketing strategy is nearly always “it depends”. What should the brand vs activation mix be? It depends. Which media channels have the strongest return on investment? It depends. And on the question of the moment: How much should ...

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Covid 19 and the economy

On 15th April, Grace did a podcast for marketing week to discuss what brands should and shouldn’t do in the wake of a covid 19 related economic shock. The below outlines what Grace said about the economy and where it’s likely to go from here: What are we seeing in ...

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Marketing during Covid 19

This is the 2nd part of Grace’s contribution to marketing week’s podcast on 15th April. The first part explains what economists are saying about how the virus will affect the economy. You can read it here. What do marketers need to know? How should they react? Look there are no ...

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Parent friendly working

This chart, from The Economist, is important. It shows that men and women’s pay are pretty much even, right up until having children. But after having kids, women’s pay drops by 40%+. In many countries, it never recovers, even when the children are ready for secondary school In our field ...

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3 predictions for 2020

1.    Innovation in marketing analytics will be around targeted TV The share of UK households with a smart TV passed 50% for the first time in 2019 (OFCOM). At the same, time UK broadcasters required all catch-up users to register and sign in. It’s very likely that 2020 will be the ...

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A career in data science

This is a talk that Grace gave to A-level students at Mulberry Academy, Shoreditch. It’s an ace school doing a phenomenal job for young people who often have some disadvantages. The idea was to open their horizons to different types of jobs and careers. The start and end point of ...

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