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The two tasks for online ads

This year Facebook is 15 and Google is 21, but as advertising channels for big brands, neither has emerged from the troublesome teenage phase into a fully effective adulthood. It’s because marketers are often not using these and other online channels appropriately: Online ads perform two distinct tasks that need ...

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Lessons from 30 makeovers

Ever since Cinderella we’ve loved a makeover story. Re-casting someone who’s struggling as a diamond in the rough and then bringing out their shine is an enduring type of story, even a life affirming journey. It’s no surprise then, that makeovers make good telly. Whether it’s a person being made ...

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The wrong and the real of it

This chart is probably the most famous theoretical illustration of how advertising works. But in the seven years since it was first published, there has been very little serious discussion of how it actually reflects the experience of everyday brands. You know, the ones that sell functional products using average ...

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Social media is effectiveness marmite

It’s July 2020 and major brands are boycotting Facebook because of concerns about hateful content on the platform. But how damaging will this be? Can big brands afford not to have Facebook in their media plans? What are the costs of taking a stand? On this, the evidence is that ...

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It depends. Budget setting in the covid recession

It’s an uncomfortable truth that the right answer to big questions in marketing strategy is nearly always “it depends”. What should the brand vs activation mix be? It depends. Which media channels have the strongest return on investment? It depends. And on the question of the moment: How much should ...

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Covid 19 and the economy

On 15th April, Grace did a podcast for marketing week to discuss what brands should and shouldn’t do in the wake of a covid 19 related economic shock. The below outlines what Grace said about the economy and where it’s likely to go from here: What are we seeing in ...

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