Who we are

Gracious Economics is a marketing analytics consultancy that helps clients to make more money by improving their marketing decisions.

We build models that make order and simplicity out of the loveable chaos that is human beings running around doing their thing.

Then we identify what clients should do differently and explain in ways normal people understand.

We always strive to produce research that’s easy to understand, trust, and use.

What we do

We design a bespoke modelling approach for every client, using market mix modelling, digital attribution and other techniques.

Our final models make sense in the context of what is already known about the brand and about the world. They also pass an extensive list of statistical/econometric tests.

We produce analysis for IPA Effectiveness Awards submissions. When assessed by technical judges, these have always been found to be reliable, and we’ve won 10 awards.

How we do it

We strive to produce analysis that non-technical people can confidently rely on.

It takes collaboration. We read and talk to people until we genuinely understand the context and build that understanding into models.

Then we explain well. We want people who will use the research to understand the common sense in what we do, so that they can trust it.

Success also takes practice. Our team has a long history carrying out projects for non-technical people.

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